Regain control of your land through a Land Patent process

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  Gain the highest form of title known in law, superior to ANY other claimant
     including government attempting to take by eminent domain, a bank with a
     sheriff’s sale deed, a purchaser in a property tax sale with a tax sale deed, or
     anyone else.  Possession of the land patent means you OWN the Land absolutely.


  Eliminate “property tax” -- lawfully.  Stop property tax bills.

  Become immune from eviction in the event of foreclosure.  Even AFTER
foreclosure and eviction, claiming the “forever” benefit of the original land
patent allows you to establish that you have superior title to anyone who obtained “color of title” through fraudulent foreclosure.  This, in connection with a forensic or securitization audit to prove any fraud involved, can enable you to get your property back in an action in Federal Court to “quiet title”. 

  Gain status of “Landowner” and therefore be an “Elector” empowered
     under the Constitution to elect office holders in lawful government.

  Help return our country to Constitutional governance.


The law that makes the Land Patent so powerful is NOT a bunch of  “Patriot
Myths”; it is positive law, enforceable in Federal Court.


Learn how to obtain the strongest form of land ownership known in law
Stop property tax bills; be immune from eviction, even after foreclosure get your property back, and as a “landowner” gain “elector” status under the Constitution. 





What is a land patent? 


History of absolute ownership of land in this country:  The Treasury Department under President George Washington issued Land Patents granting absolute ownership of unclaimed lands within the states.  Land patents were contracts between the United States and the original grantee of the patent, his heirs and assigns, forever. The land patent grant was in the nature of a Quit Claim deed, conveying all the ownership possessed by the U.S. government, including appurtenant rights and hereditary rights to both 1) the intangible Land (boundaries from center of the Earth out) and 2) the tangible Real Estate (dirt, trees, etc.).  Since there was no sovereign superior to whom any duty was due who retained an ownership interest in the previously public land, the land patent conveyed what can be termed “Allodial Title”.  For this reason, land owners in this new nation were described as kings and queens or “sovereigns without subjects”.


As grantee of a valid deed and an heir or assign in the chain of title from the original land patent, you are an intended beneficiary of that land patent contract.  However, by itself your deed shows you to be a tenant on the land.  The OWNER of the land is missing until you accept the “forever” contractual benefit of the land original patent.  Until you document your acceptance of this “forever” benefit, the original land patent is just sitting there in the Bureau of Land Management, waiting for you to accept its contractual benefit.


Through proper documentation in the public record, YOU CAN LAWFULLY CLAIM THE “FOREVER” BENEFIT OF THE LAND PATENT, thereby PERFECTING YOUR TITLE TO YOUR LAND.   Unless the original land patent reserved power for the state or local government to impose tax on the land, the state or local government has no lawful basis to impose property tax.  Possession of all incidents of ownership of your land empowers you in law to require the county to take your property off the tax rolls so it appears blacked out on the county tax map. 

Also, by becoming a “landowner” you qualify Constitutionally to be an “elector” to elect lawful government.

Today, people know next to nothing about either Land or land rights; instead they rely on their Real Estate Agent and Title Company (with its attorneys) to insure paperwork is done right. 

The present system of haphazard recordation of land ownership is a “make work” program for lawyers.  The arrangement benefits attorneys, and leaves you with less than full ownership rights.  For example, a foreclosure action could remove you from your property. 

On the other hand, even
after foreclosure, you can correct the deficiency in the public record that made it possible for you to lose your property in a foreclosure.  The deficiency was that your deed showed you as owner of real estate and therefore a tenant with respect to the land, not an owner of the Land. 


To understand this it is essential to know that the law of land ownership is counter-intuitive in that the most important aspect of land ownership is ownership of something you can not even see, namely the boundaries of the property projected from the center of the Earth out to the heavens.  This wedge shaped empty space is what the law of land ownership calls “Land”. 


The Land (i.e., the boundaries) contains all the soil, subsoil, minerals, any trees, insects and animals, and so forth.  All the physical things you can see within the boundaries of the property are called “appurtenances” to the Land. 


Let’s review:

The name for the appurtenances to the land is “Real Estate”.   The name the law gives to the boundaries themselves, including all the empty space inside the boundaries is “Land”.  Your deed shows you own the real estate.  By itself the deed confers status of tenant on the land, not Owner of the Land.


So, if the deed by itself makes you just a tenant, how can you obtain the complete ownership you probably thought you were paying for when you purchased the real estate?  The answer lies in obtaining “Perfected Title”, which means you document your claim of the “forever” benefit of the land patent.  The land patent conveyed both appurtenant rights and hereditary rights to both the tangible Real Estate and the intangible Land. 


Your title is perfected through public record documentation of your claim of the “forever” benefit of the Land Patent grant of complete or absolute ownership of the land, including appurtenant rights and hereditary rights, to the original grantee of the land patent or other original grant, his heirs and assigns, forever.  You can now do this relatively easily and at modest cost through the Land Patent process researched and offered by the Republic for the united States of America.


Once you obtain “Perfected Title” foreclosure no longer enables a bank to lawfully remove you from your Land.  A bank can, of course, foreclose on its mortgage note, but since the mortgage lien applied to the real estate, not the land, “Perfected Title” means that you absolutely own the Land.  A bank can not acquire superior title to the land through foreclosure against the real estate, so you remain the one holding superior title to the land.  Even if a foreclosure has already happened and you have been forced out of your property following a sheriff’s sale, you can still claim the “forever” benefit of the original land patent.  It is important to document by affidavit any fraud involved in a foreclosure through a forensic or securitization audit.  An affidavit by the one who conducted the audit makes the findings admissible in court.


The title conferred by a sheriff’s sale deed is only “color of title” to the real estate.  Most foreclosures in recent times involve massive violations of even color of law, so a securitization audit or a forensic audit of the ownership of the note and mortgage or deed of trust will likely show that the foreclosing institution is/ was not a holder in due course of the note, and therefore has/ had no standing to foreclose on the note.  Only a “holder in due course” can foreclose.  Under these circumstances, it is possible to demonstrate that the title conveyed by a sheriff’s sale deed obtained by illegal foreclosure procedure is inferior to the title conveyed by the land patent to the grantee, his heirs and assigns, forever.  Therefore, you can perfect your title even after foreclosure, and in a Federal Court action to quiet title, after you have apparently lost your property, you WIN and get the property back.

More about Land Patents:
Land Patents
secure two separate kinds of property rights:
1) appurtenant rights (rights to the dirt, trees, minerals, etc. appurtenant to the “Land”) and
2) hereditary rights; which two types of rights include two separate kinds of property:
    a) tangible property (Real Estate), understood as the dirt, trees, minerals, etc.) and
    b) intangible property (Land), just the boundaries from the center of the Earth out.

When the tangible property is owned by a different owner than the intangible property the Land and Real Estate are held in a “Feudal Title”; meaning a conflict of interest exists between the two separate owners.  Such is the case in all Kingdoms. There, everyone recognizes the Land (the Domain) is owned by the King and Queen; and though private parties may own the physical property appurtenant to the Land (i.e., with in the boundaries), such ownership is held only in “feudal tenure” (subject to the King’s domain).  This is the nature of any land and property ownership when the Land and Real Estate are held by separate owners. 

To gain Perfected Title (a.k.a., Allodial Title), you need to claim the “forever” benefit of the original land patent.  Doing this documents that you own both the appurtenant rights and the hereditary rights to the (tangible) Real Estate and the (intangible) Land. 
This is now easy to document. 
Cost: $630.00